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Federal Work-Study

Federal work-study provide students the opportunity to work and earn money to help with their personal expenses while attending college. Awards range from $800-$2400 for the year. Students earn minimum wage and work anywhere between 3-10 hours per week during the semester. Students are paid bi-weekly on the college’s payroll schedule. 

A federal work study award is an offer of work, not a guarantee of a job.  Students must find their work-study job. Students who have confirmed acceptance of their work-study offer are authorized to review available work study positions on the student employment website. Students must apply directly to a department job listing. Students are encouraged to conduct their work-study job search with the level of professionalism and maturity they would use in any job search. Supervisors select student workers whose skills and work ethic closely align with the needs of the department. 

Students must submit all of the necessary payroll paperwork before they are authorized to work. Work-study money is earned as a student works and cannot exceed the amount offered in the award letter. Work-study does not apply towards a student’s bill.

Finding Federal Work-Study Employment

Students who have confirmed acceptance of their federal work-study award will receive an email notification from the Financial Aid Office granting them access to the Federal Work-Study employment site and providing instructions on how to find a Federal Work-Study job.

Finding Non-Federal Student Employment

Enrolled students looking for non-federal student employment may find work by following the instructions below:

  • Login to your myTC3 account.
  • Select Student Jobs from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • From the Find a Job page, select On-Campus Non-FWS Campus Jobs.
  • Read and agree to the disclaimer.

At this point you are able to view open jobs. You may apply for any of the jobs on the list by clicking the Click Here link. Complete the online job application and submit your application. When you submit a job application, it is forwarded to the supervisor who will contact you via email.

Student Employment Handbook

Download the student employment handbook.