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In 2010, the Student Life team developed a set of community values that is now being used to develop ongoing programming for personal and professional development.  We’ve incorporated the values into our Orientation programming as well as our annual Student Leader recognition event. 


I will not give up. When things are tough or don’t go the way I want, I will keep working to find a way to reach my goals.


I will be accountable for myself. I will strive to make ethical decisions. I will not look to blame others, but will empower myself to be successful and will ask for help when I need it.


I will learn and consistently uphold the expectations and values of the TC3 community with honesty and sincerity. (Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity)


I will communicate with an open mind; actively listening and learning from others. I will seek to understand those with whom I disagree or have conflict.


I will treat all members of the TC3 community with respect while developing my own appreciation of individual differences.

Assessment: Panther Pride learning outcomes

As a follow-up to work performed by the Co-Curricular Assessment committee, the Student Life Team has created a set of learning outcomes related to the community values stated in the Panther Pride Pledge.


Students will:

  • Define and develop realistic and achievable goals.
  • Achieve identified goals and
  • Overcome obstacles that hamper goal achievement.

Example Skills: prioritizing, writing goals, following up on tasks, evaluating results, celebrating achievement


Students will:

  • Exhibit behaviors of self-advocacy that promote personal success.
  • Utilize effective time management strategies.

Example Skills: organizing, managing stress, delegating, using resources, leading groups


Students will:

  • Demonstrate behaviors consistent with personal and TC3 community values.
  • Exhibit informed decision-making and personal accountability.

Example Skills: defining personal values, gathering & analyzing relevant information, taking responsibility for decisions


Students will:

  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork.
  • Understand and appreciate multiple perspectives and individual strengths.

Example Skills: listening, building consensus, managing and resolving conflict, collaborating, motivating


Students will:

  • Develop multicultural competence.
  • Participate as an active citizen.

Example Skills: understanding identities and cultures, recognizing bias, developing innovative ideas