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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Committee

The College has established a health and safety committee that serves two purposes. The first is to provide advice and recommendations on matters related to health and safety to the dean of operations and enrollment management, and second is to recommend policy matters through the governance process to the president of the College.

Students who have a health and safety concern can use the committee to address their issues. The committee is comprised of a representative body of faculty, staff, and students, and meets once a month during the fall and spring semesters.

Committee Directives

The committee is to continually assess the quality of personal safety practices and programs by reviewing critical incidents, conducting formal and informal surveys of student and staff opinion, and analyzing crime statistics reported by the Campus Police.

The committee is to review campus personal safety issues to search for creative and educational ways to enhance personal safety through campus academic and student life programs.

The committee shall review current campus security policies and procedures and make recommendations for their improvement. It shall specifically review current policies and procedures (1) for educating the campus community, including security personnel and those persons who advise or supervise students, about sexual assault prevention information, (2) for educating the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention, (3) for reporting sexual assaults and dealing with victims during investigations, (4) for referring complaints to appropriate authorities, (5) for counseling victims, and (6) for responding to inquiries from concerned people.

Members of the committee are charged with the responsibility of keeping their constituent groups informed of the work of the committee.
Students can bring issues to the committee via their student representative or see Shari Shapleigh (committee chairperson) in the Student Health Center, Room 118A.