Blackboard Course Content

Adding Course Content

The following instructions explain how to add content to your Blackboard course.

Items & Files

The course materials you choose to put on your Blackboard site may include a syllabus, readings, assignments, lecture notes, presentations, lab instructions, and more. Content can be posted in several different ways - as text, an embedded image or media file, an HTML document, or as a file that can be downloaded, viewed, and printed.

Items and files are added very similarly with the primary difference being that a description and file attachment can be included with items. Adding files will create a link to a file that students can click on to view in their browser and/or download to their computer.

To add an item:

  • In the Course Menu, click on the name of the content area that you will be working with.
  • Hover your mouse over Build Content and select item.
  • Give your item a name. If desired, use the Text Area for short amounts of content to describe the file you have attached, give instructions, or note the date that the file was last updated.

To add a file as an attachment to your content item:

  • Click Browse my Computer
  • Find the file on your computer. Once the file is uploaded, it will be listed under Attached Files. You may change the wording on the link in the box under Link Title. Common formats for course materials include.
    • Word documents (.doc)
    • Adobe PDF documents (.pdf)
    • Excel spreadsheets (.xls)
    • PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)
    • Graphics (.jpg, .gif)
    • Video clips (.mov, .wmv, .mpg)
    • HTML files (.htm, .html)
  • If you decide to not attach a file, click the Do Not Attach link.
  • After uploading the file(s), select the appropriate options:
    • Permit Users to View the Content - Allows you to specify whether the file is visible to students.
    • Track Number of Views - Records statistics about how many times the item is accessed. Statistics can be summarized by user, by date, by day of the week, or by time of day.
    • Date Restrictions - Allows you to specify the time period (by date and time) that your item will be available or visible to students.
  • Click Submit to add the content item to your site.

To modify an item:

  • Click the downward chevron icon next to the name of the item you want to modify, then select Edit.
  • Select the applicable option: add or edit text, upload additional files, or adjust options.
  • Click the Submit button to save your changes.

Images, URLs, & Audio or Video

Adding images is very similar to adding an item with an attachment.

To add an image:

  • Select image from Build Content menu.
  • Browse for the file on your computer.
  • Choose the options that you want for your file (e.g., change the dimensions, add a border, or add a link.)

To add a URL:

  • Select Web Link from the Build Content menu.
  • Type a title for the web resource in the Name Box.
  • Type a description for the resource in the Description Box.
  • Decide whether to launch the item in an external window. Accessibility guidelines recommend not launching items in an external window.
  • Click the Submit button to create the link.

To add audio or video:

Once uploaded, your audio or video will be compressed to a format that can streamed in any browser.

Deleting Content

To delete a content item, hover your mouse over the downward chevron icon next to the item name and select Delete.