Blackboard Use with CollegeNow

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What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based learning management system (LMS) that makes it easy for instructors to manage materials distribution, assignments, communications, and other aspects of instruction for their courses. Blackboard is the LMS used across the SUNY system and in many colleges across the country. This service is available at no cost for CollegeNow courses.

Why use Blackboard?

The way you use Blackboard for your specific class will depend on the student learning outcomes, types of activities you have students do, and what information you want to make available.

Blackboard can assist with:

  • Course management and student learning (e.g. organize and store course documents, post PowerPoint slides of lectures, follow students progress with Gradebook, etc.)
  • Facilitating learning activities that work toward your course's learning objectives (e.g. incorporate online discussions)
  • Assessing student learning (e.g. online quizzes, portfolios, assignments, or gradebook tools).

What is the expectation for Blackboard in CollegeNow courses?

All CollegeNow courses will automatically be assigned a course shell in Blackboard. At a minimum, all instructors should upload their course outline and major assessments to Blackboard so that CollegeNow and faculty liaisons may view those materials. You have control over access to individual files and folders so that some content may be uploaded for CollegeNow to view, but not accessible to students.

Use of Blackboard with students is optional for all courses except BIOL104 and 105. The extent to which an instructor uses Blackboard within a course is an individual decision,, though the College encourages integrating Blackboard into courses wherever possible to enhance learning and help students understand how to navigate a course management system. If Blackboard will be used in the course, this use should be clearly defined in the course syllabus to set expectations with learners. 

To access Blackboard, log into myTC3 from any TC3 webpage and select Web Courses. Students cannot access Blackboard for your course until they are registered, either for credit or as an audit.

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