The CollegeNow Advantage

The CollegeNow Advantage

The largest concurrent enrollment program in the SUNY system and accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, CollegeNow creates opportunities for high school students to earn realcollege credit through three avenues: concurrent enrollment courses in the student’s high school, Tompkins Cortland courses on the Dryden campus or extensions centers, and online courses. CollegeNow students:

  • Earn real college credit. Unlike Advanced Placement, where college credit is determined by performance on one high-stakes exam, students earn highly transferable college credit based on their performance in a semester-long college-level course. Concurrent enrollment instructors are authorized adjuncts of Tompkins Cortland, teach their courses to the college’s master course syllabi, and use college-level texts.
  • Get ahead: Each year, highly motivated students graduate from high school with 30 or more college credits. Many students are accepted with advanced standing, which means they graduate sooner, save money, and start their careers or graduate programs earlier.
  • Develop critical college success skills: Students take genuine college courses, gaining an understanding of college-level expectations and further developing the “college-ready” skillset necessary for academic success in higher education.
  • Strengthen their transition to college: Taking college coursework while still in high school blurs the line between high school and college and eases students’ transition to college. Having tackled college-level work, students graduate from high school with a real understanding of the expectations awaiting them in college – and the experience and confidence to meet them.

Student Testimonials

“… because of [CollegeNow], college in the fall is less "nerve-wracking." The program helped me start college with 53 credits. I am starting as a sophomore! I would recommend it to any student considering the program.” Marathon HS graduate at SUNY Cortland

“I am so glad that I was able to take college classes in high school because it let me know that I will be fine in my upcoming college courses. It was a worthwhile experience that I will never regret.” Groton HS graduate at Southeastern University

“I think that [CollegeNow] is a great program to offer to high school students. It gives them the opportunity to start early on their college experience and will…help them excel…[in] college. I would recommend this program to anyone!” Union Endicott HS graduate at Broome Community College