Cornell University Center for Teaching Innovation

The Cornell University Center for Teaching Innovation is dedicated to improving teaching and learning at Cornell and beyond. CTI has agreed to support the continued professional development of CollegeNow instructors by making their resources available to our program.

While these are written with a Cornell faculty audience in mind, many of the ideas and strategies are applicable to the concurrent enrollment environment. Of particular note to CollegeNow instructors are the resources on teaching ideas. Here, you can learn how to:

  • Design your course (get a nuts and bolts overview including the syllabus, academic integrity, and flipping the classroom)
  • Build inclusive classrooms (manage the classroom environment to create positive and productive learning experiences for all students)
  • Assess student learning (design appropriate formative and summative assessments, rubrics, peer and self-assessments)
  • Engage students (understand learning and teaching styles; effective questioning, discussion, and writing techniques; as well as various active learning strategies, including problem-based learning)
  • Teach with technology (effectively use PowerPoint, Blackboard, ePortfolios, classroom response systems, and video as learning tools)