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 Counselor Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a school counselor may vary by school, but there are some common expectations. Counselors are primarily responsible for advising students about taking Concurrent Enrollment courses, and placing them appropriately regarding course pre-requisites and the academic skills required for each course.

The decision to take a course for college credit and initiate a college transcript is an important step for high school students, and we rely on school counselors to help students determine if that step is the right one for them.

Counselors also help students prepare documentation for the Certificate of Residency application. Usually a high school transcript from the previous year is sufficient as proof of residence.

We will provide counselors with a list of students at the beginning of each semester so that they can help teachers determine which students already have a valid certificate of residence on file with Tompkins Cortland Community College.

Contact Sarina Perreault at (607.844.8222, Ext. 4311) for any inquiries on certificates of residency.

In addition, counselors act as a liaison between your school and our office for other miscellaneous administrative functions.

For more information on Concurrent Enrollment contact Rhonda Kowalski at