Fall 2021 Late Start Session

It’s not too late! The fall semester has begun with a full slate of 15-week classes. Over sixty classes are offered during our 12-week delayed start and 10-week late start sessions. Course offerings focus on general education requirements and are transferable to degree programs at most institutions. Classes are taught in-person, online or a combination of both in-person and online. Twelve-week late start classes begin September 21, and 10-week classes begin October 5. Check the course schedule for the full list of late start classes along with complete information on dates, times, modes of instruction and pre-requisites.

Course Schedule of Late Start Classes

Follow these steps for ease in searching the list of late start classes:

  • Go to the course search page: https://www.tompkinscortland.edu/academics/course-search
    • Under Semester select Fall
    • Under Year select 2021
    • Select Search
  • From the Section Search page
    • Select Late Start/10 Wks for the list of 10-week late start classes
    • Select Delayed Start for the list of 12-week late start classes

Registering for Late Start Classes

If you have never attended Tompkins Cortland Community College, you have two registration options. You may register for classes as a matriculated student seeking admission into one of our more than forty degree programs. Complete the application for admission and submit official transcripts from all previously attended institutions. Register once you have been accepted and prior to the beginning of classes. Or you may submit a registration form as a non-matriculated student by completing the registration form for non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students are required to submit unofficial transcripts to document satisfactory completion of any course pre-requisites. Unofficial transcripts may be emailed to regbilling@tompkinscortland.edu.

Currently enrolled students should meet with their advisor for authorization to register for any late start classes.