Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the transfer process?

Schedule an appointment to speak with a transfer counselor in Room 101.

Will I be automatically accepted by the next school?

You must meet minimum requirements for transfer admission, e.g. GPA, courses taken, etc., complete an application and other specific admission requirements detailed by each institution.

Does TC3 have agreements with other colleges and universities to help me transfer?

TC3 does have articulation agreements with other colleges. These agreements outline specific academic requirements that must be met in order to transfer with junior-level status. You must also apply and meet transfer admissions requirements. The final decision regarding admission rests solely with the transfer institution. 

Where do I get applications?

Application's will be on each College's website.

What else will I have to send in order to apply? How do I get that?

Your official TC3 transcript must be sent to the admissions office of the schools to which you are applying. You will also have to have transcripts sent from any other colleges you have attended. Contact those schools directly.

How many of my TC3 credits will my new school take?

The transfer Institution always makes the final decisions on this, but if you have worked closely with your advisor and a transfer counselor, most courses for which you got a C or better will transfer.