Honors College - PSYC103

PSYC 103, Introduction to Psychology Honors Option

If you are interested in earning Honors credit in PSYC 103, Introduction to Psychology, please read the following information.


This particular Honors option is a way for students who are enrolled in PSYC 103, Introduction to Psychology to earn Honors credit while enrolled in a non-honors course. (The only other way of earning Honors credit on our campus is to be enrolled in a specific Honors course section.) Honor courses in general are designed to be enrichment opportunities for academically talented students interested in committing to a more extensive or advanced level of work than what is required in the regular sections of courses. Honors credit may be a benefit to students interested in transferring to other institutions as it designates a more intense level of study.

Completion of six additional, on-line assignments are required to earn this Honors credit. A variety of extra assignments are used to earn the credit. These assignments are all located and completed via a web-enhanced section of the course. The instructor/facilitator for this Honors option will be Professor Matty Hamel. A student can be enrolled in any section of PSYC 103, with any instructor, and still partake in this option as these assignments are in addition to the assignments required of students in the regular section of the course.

Purpose of proposal

  • To provide access for more students enrolled in PSYC 103 to earn Honors credit.
  • To provide more challenging coursework for talented students enrolled in PSYC 103.

Criteria to earn Honors credit

  • A student must earn a B+ or better in the regular section of the course in order to earn the Honors option credit.
  • Student must satisfactorily complete 6 additional assignments in the web-enhanced section of the course. The assignments themselves will be more intense and/or extensive, and of high quality. A student must complete these assignments within the timeline established.
  • Successful completion means earning a minimum grade of 85 out of 100 points on each assignment.
  • The final grade will be determined by combining the grade that the student earned in the regular section of the course with the Honors designation. Eligible students must have earned a grade of B+ or higher in the regular section of the course. Example:  If a student earns a B+ in PSYC 103 and successfully completes the required assignments in the Honors section, the grade of B+ stands and an H is added to PSYC 103H. If the students does not earn a B+ grade or higher in the regular section of the course, or successfully complete the Honors assignments, the Honors credit will not be granted.
  • The completion of honors work will not raise the grade earned in the regular section of PSYC 103, Introduction to Psychology.

For More Information

Professor Karen Pastorello, Honors Director
607.844.8222, Ext. 4233

Enrollment prerequisites

  • Students must have an overall grade point average of B+ or better to be permitted to attempt this Honors option. This average may include high school work.
  • Students must be enrolled in ENGL 101, or have completed this course successfully, prior to enrollment in this Honors option.
  • If a student needs to take RDNG 116, they must complete the Reading course prior to enrollment in the Honors option.
  • Students must complete an on-line contract in the course agreeing to certain standards of effort and writing related behaviors (i.e., plagiarism).


  • Those students interested in earning honors credit will also register for a web-enhanced section, referred to as PSYC 103H. Stated another way, these students will be enrolled in two sections of PSYC 103 at the same time.
  • Administratively we will drop students from the regular section at the end of the semester and enter the grade in the Honors section. If you are doing the honors work and stay registered to the end of the class in the honors section, you will receive an appropriate grade in the honors section and the regular section will be automatically dropped. If you are not doing the additional honors work and are registered in the honors section, the honors section will need to be dropped before the end of the W (Withdrawal) period.
  • This section will bear zero (no additional) credit.  To earn honor credit, a student must successfully complete the assignments explained in the web-enhanced portion of the course by the end of the semester.
  • At the end of each semester Matty Hamel will report to the Registrar’s Office the names of the students who have satisfactorily completed the Honors credit. Upon receipt of this information the Registrar will assign the Honors designation to students who have also successfully earned a B+ or better in the regular section of PSYC 103.
  • Only students currently enrolled in PSYC 103 may earn the Honors credit.
  • A high grade for regularly required work will not in itself warrant the awarding of the Honors designation

How to Register for the Honors Option for PSYC 103, Introduction to Psychology

Secure an Official Change of Schedule Form. Complete the top of the form and Under Courses to be Added, enter the information below and secure Matty Hamel’s permission. Professor Hamel’s office is in Faculty Suite 220 and her Email is: hamelm@tompkinscortland.edu

Course Number Section Type Section Number Credit
Instructor’s Signature
PSYC 103H Hybrid HY1 0 You need to have Hamel’s permission in writing or by Email
  • Sign the form at the bottom.
  • Get your Advisor’s signature to verify that you have the prerequisites for entering  into this option.
  • Turn the form into the Room 101.
  • You may register for this Honors Option on-line provided you also secure Email permission from the Instructor and your Advisor.