My Faculty Liaison

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What is a Faculty Liaison?

A faculty liaison is a faculty member at Tompkins Cortland Community College, either full-time or adjunct, who is selected by his/her academic department to monitor the quality, consistency, and curricular alignment of concurrent enrollment classes. The Faculty Liaison role is to support approved concurrent enrollment instructors by assisting with course materials, providing guidance regarding curricular alignment with the matching college course, conducting site visits, and offering professional development opportunities.

Who is my Faculty Liaison?

Instructors may contact their Faculty Liaison at any time with questions.

Online Resource for Instructors

Faculty liaisons have created online organizations for concurrent enrollment instructors. There is a separate organization for each discipline, so if you have been approved for multiple disciplines, you may have access to multiple organizations. Access these online organizations by going to myTC3 and using the username and password that has been provided to you; click on Web Courses to enter the College's Blackboard site. Look in the "My Organizations" or "Community" area of the Blackboard site to find your group (they are named CollegeNow: discipline). If you do not have a username and password or do not seem to have access to the appropriate organizations, please contact CollegeNow.

Liaisons manage their own organizations, but they generally contain an orientation overview for new instructors, which provides guidance on placement, recommended texts, assessments, and library resources. In addition, liaisons often post master course syllabi, samples of course outlines, and class materials (ie: labs, tests, assignments, and grading rubrics). When available, copies of online sections of courses are posted in the organization (these may be referred to as sample courses or templates); you may copy/download any of the content you see and adapt for your classes. There is also a discussion forum for sharing ideas, asking questions, and making suggestions. If you have materials that you would like posted to your organization, please let your liaison know.