Placement Testing Information

Before registering for first-semester classes, many students take placement tests. If students have college credit in English or Math, they may not need testing. If you have questions about whether or not you need to take a placement test, please email

Students' scores help determine which courses they may take in their first semester, so prepare ahead of time. Based on a holistic assessment, including results of placement tests, some students may be required to complete pre-college courses before taking program courses that require college-level writing, reading and mathematics skills. Placement testing is just one part of the assessment process.


Student at Computer

What to know about Placement Tests:

  • Students will be taking a test called ACCUPLACER on a computer.
  • Bring a photo ID to the test. Government issued photo ID is best (e.g. driver's license, learner's permit, state issued photo ID card, or passport). If you only have a high school photo ID, bring a photocopy of your birth certificate as well.
  • Only basic keyboard and/or mouse skills are necessary.
  • Most questions are multiple-choice.
  • The multiple-choice portions of the tests are not timed.
  • Students get scrap paper and a pencil for math calculations. Calculators are not permitted on the test. Some questions provide a calculator within the ACCUPLACER system that may be used.

IF YOU HAVE A DISABILITY, you should contact Access & Equity Services in the Baker Center for Learning at 607.844.8222, Ext. 4415 or 4283 to arrange accommodations for placement testing. Test accommodations must be arranged BEFORE the test date. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to, screen magnification, taped administration, writing accommodations, or use of a calculator.

IF ENGLISH IS NOT YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE, you may be required to take different placement tests. Student should call the Enrollment Services Center at 607.844.6580 to find out what tests they will need to take.

Where to find preparation materials for the placement test:

There are numerous websites that contain practice tests and information to help "brush up" on your skills.

ACCUPLACER Next-Generation Tests
Use this site to obtain basic descriptions and sample questions for all the ACCUPLACER Next-Generation tests. Student can also download a free study app.

Go to Guide
To review math, this page provides an overview of the content of MATH090, 095, 120, and 138. There are additional "self-assessments" students can take to practice.