Vector Scholars

Financial and academic support for committed students

The Vector Scholars program provides personalized support for students invested in their success, but in need of some financial and academic assistance.

Vector Scholars

The program develops personal connections among participants and the Tompkins Cortland community with an intensive pre-semester program in the first fall and programming throughout enrollment. It helps dedicated students to:

  • Identify a clear academic direction
  • Develop academic success skills
  • Navigate a path to completion

Benefits of Becoming a Vector Scholar

  • Discover and develop your strengths to apply them for college and career success.
  • Create early connections to the college community and resources.
  • Benefit from developing relationships with faculty and staff, other new and current students, and an assigned financial aid counselor.
  • Understand the differences in responsibility and expectations between high school and college
  • Develop an academic plan and a personal roadmap to graduation and beyond.
  • Have the opportunity, in many cases, to accelerate any pre-college coursework you may need.
  • Receive additional funds for textbooks and other course materials and a supplement to your food budget each semester.
  • Receive ongoing support through your enrollment at Tompkins Cortland.
  • Have fun doing it all!

Pre-Semester Program

An essential part of the Vector experience is a week-long intensive pre-semester program in August before classes begin. All expenses will be paid (resident or commuter) while scholars join other new students, current students, and faculty and staff in a range of activities preparing them for a successful first semester at Tompkins Cortland.

Requirements to be accepted as a Vector Scholar

Candidates must be a full-time students 24 years of age or younger. They must meet income and academic preparedness requirements. This must be their first semester of college OR they must have previously earned 15 or fewer college credits not including concurrent enrollment credits earned while in high school) and have been out of school for at least one semester. To see the full requirements visit the Applying to be a Vector Scholar page.

No Cost to Participate

There is no cost for participation in the program, but spaces are limited. All materials and program expenses will be provided. Pre-semester residence hall fees will be paid for residential students; commuter students will receive transportation assistance.

For More Information

For more information visit the Applying to be a Vector Scholar page, call 607.844.8222, Ext. 4414, or email