What is CollegeNow?

For more than 30 years Tompkins Cortland Community College has worked closely with school districts to enhance the opportunity and accessibility of education for students in Central New York. With CollegeNow, our commitment to this partnership is stronger than ever. We support the student transition to college and careers by providing quality college credit and connecting our faculty with school instructors to promote career pathways, clarify college expectations, and raise awareness of Tompkins Cortland and its resources. Some examples of how CollegeNow works with our partner schools include:

  • 110 distinct college courses approved for Concurrent Enrollment in 76 partner high schools;
  • 5,158 Concurrent Enrollment students earned a total of 37,841 credits in the 2018-19 academic year;
  • 2,643 seniors graduated high school with 34,281 college credits, an average of 12.97 credits per student in 2019. Of those, 834 graduated with 15 or more credits and 245 earned 30 or more credits;
  • Over 100 online courses are available to high school and homeschool students - fall, winter, spring and summer semesters;
  • In 2018-19, 312 high school juniors and seniors took 459 online courses, earning 1,234 credits;
  • 82% of high school seniors in Tompkins County and 71% of seniors in Cortland County graduated with credits earned through CollegeNow;
  • 16 CollegeNow instructors from 64 schools attended our Professional Development Conference in August 2019.

Moreover, we are continually striving to better understand the educational needs of our community and search for creative ways to work together towards the goal of greater student success. At Tompkins Cortland Community College we realize the best way to accomplish this is to put together the most talented and dedicated group of professionals we can find and surround them with the resources they need to continue nurturing and growing our school partnerships.

Best Wishes,

Victoria Zeppelin
Director of CollegeNow