Campus Policies

Alcohol Policy

The consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted under the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (1985), section 65. The following acts are illegal and will not be permitted: the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age; the consumption of, or possession of, alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years of age; persons presenting false identification and/or proof of age in order to procure alcoholic beverage(s); persons knowingly causing the intoxication of anyone under the age of 21.

The consumption of, or possession of, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the residence halls.

Copies of the policy and regulations are available in the Campus Police office.

Maintenance of Order on Campus

While you are a student at Tompkins Cortland Community College, your behavior is largely left to your own discretion and common sense. In general, we ask you to respect the College property and the rights of others.

However, you should remember that you are, in addition to being a member of an educational community, a member of a rural community. Your conduct reflects on the College. All students are expected to abide by the code of conduct and all local, state, and federal laws.

Campus Rules

No student, faculty member, employee, visitor, licensee, guest, or trespasser shall be permitted to vandalize, pilfer, or in any way destroy school property, immobilize or otherwise interfere with the academic process or functions of the College, use force or the threat of force on the College campus or on any other College property, or endanger another’s physical or mental health or force the consumption of alcohol or drugs for the purpose of initiation or affiliation with any organization.

Penalties for Violation

In the event any of the above shall occur, the perpetrator shall be removed from campus and penalties may be invoked, including but not limited to the following:

Vandalize, pilfer, or destroy school property: Complete restitution and/or complaint to civil authorities.

Immobilization or interference with the academic process or functions of the college such as creating a nuisance, loitering, or unauthorized assembly: Complete restitution, suspension, expulsion, termination of employment and/or complaint to civil authorities.

Trespassing or unauthorized vending, soliciting, or selling: Complaint to civil authorities.

Any action or situation that recklessly or intentionally endangers mental or physical health or involves the forced consumption of alcohol or drugs for the purpose of initiation into or affiliation with any organization: Suspension, expulsion, termination of employment, and/or complaint to the civil authorities, and, in the case of any organization which authorizes such conduct, rescission of permission for that organization to operate on College property.


Enforcement related to actions by students shall be by the procedures outlined in the College’s Non-academic Code of Conduct. Enforcement related to actions of other persons shall be by the president of the college or designee who shall inform anyone accused, in writing, of the charge against them and the penalty assessed.


Appeal by students, faculty or staff of any decision 
hereunder shall be by appropriate College grievance procedures.


These regulations shall be part of the bylaws of all organizations operating on the campus and shall be reviewed annually by members of all such organizations.

The above regulations shall be subject to amendment by the board of trustees in accordance with Article 129A of the Education Law.

Crime Statistics Availability Statement

A copy of Tompkins Cortland Community College's campus crime statistics, as reported annually to the U.S. Department of Education, will be provided upon request by the Campus Police. Please direct all such requests to the Campus Police at 607.844.8222, Ext. 6511.



Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Violence Policy/Title IX

Title IX reads, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

Brief Statement on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Tompkins Cortland Community College is committed to maintaining an educational and work environment that is free of any sexual discrimination or harassment and to fostering positive business and personal conduct so that everyone, including students, employees, and visitors, is treated with respect and dignity in a non-discriminatory environment. The College has detailed information about Title IX in the Human Resources section.

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act Information

The Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, enacted on October 28, 2000, went into effect October 28, 2002. The law requires institutions of higher education to issue a statement advising the campus community where the law enforcement agency information provided by a state concerning registered sexual offenders may be obtained. It also requires sex offenders already required to register in a state to provide notice, as required by state law, of each institution of higher education in that state at which the person is employed, carries on a vacation, or is a student. Sex offender registration information for any student or employee of the college may be obtained by calling the Department of Criminal Justice Service at 1.800.262.3257, or you can access the New York State Sex Offender Registry.

Weapons on Campus

Firearms and dangerous weapons of any type are not permitted on campus, including residence halls. Intentional use, possession, or sale of firearms or other dangerous weapons by anyone is strictly forbidden, and is a violation of state and federal law, as well as, a violation of the Code for Student Conduct. The College president or designee may authorize in writing the possession of a weapon on campus for special or educational purposes.

Violators are subject to College discipline, as well as criminal sanctions. In addition to firearms, weapons that are prohibited include, but are not limited to: knives, chukka sticks, pellet guns, firearms, and/or fireworks or other explosives. College property includes, but is not limited to: all parking lots, grounds, and buildings of the campus in Dryden and all extension centers.


Individuals, student organizations, and private enterprises are not permitted to sell, promote, or peddle on the campus without prior approval and sponsorship. All advertising, marketing, or merchandising of credit cards is prohibited.


All hoverboards are banned from the Tompkins Cortland campus including Residence Life property and extension centers. This is for health and safety issues as well as fire safety.

Violent Felony Offenses/ Missing Student Policy

The College’s Campus Police will respond immediately to and investigate all reported cases of violent felonies or missing person reports. In addition to our investigation, other local police agencies will be notified immediately and requested to assist in the incident. The Tompkins Cortland Campus Police have mutual aid agreements in place to ensure the continuing cooperation between all local law enforcement agencies.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to help students who are experiencing, or who have experienced a crisis, are encouraged to speak to a counselor. If you have experienced a bias-related situation and want help considering your options, that is also appropriate for counseling.