Co-Curricular Transcript


A Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is an unofficial record generated through Campus Groups® that documents your activities and accomplishments that occur outside of the classroom during your time at Tompkins Cortland. Your involvement in these non-credit bearing experiences are currently included on a CCT:

  • Clubs and organizations
  • Athletics and Recreation
  • Leadership and other professional development workshops
  • Honor societies
  • Certain paid campus positions such as Resident Assistants and Peer Career Coaches
  • Student Activities events
  • You may be able to include other co-curricular activities associated with TC3; for more information, email Cheyenne Gorton, at


Employers, colleges, and scholarship committees want candidates who have hands-on experience, which can include things like campus leadership and involvement, professional development trainings, internships, and volunteer work. Through these sorts of activities, you learn transferable skills, which are areas of competency that you develop through experience that you can apply to other (related and unrelated) situations. For example, developing your teamwork skills through club involvement helps prepare you for working with others on the job.

Getting involved at Tompkins Cortland can help you build skills necessary for your future, and your Co-Curricular Transcript can help you keep track of them all in one place.


Its uses range from personal (career decision-making and planning) to professional (interview prep and resume building) as follows:

  • Application supplement
  • Recommendation Support
  • Skill identification
  • Career Planning & Marketability
  • Resume Building
  • Cover Letter Development
  • Interview Preparation
  • Professional ePortfolio Development

For more information, review the Co-Curricular Transcripts at TC3 handout.


Students have the opportunity to earn badges which will be displayed on their co-curricular transcript to denote the completion of a series of events, programs, coaching appointments, and self-reflection in a specialized area. These badges offer a rigorous but engaging set of programs, workshops, and reflective activities that help students earn a meaningful, marketable skill set.

As we continue to grow the badge program, we invite our campus community to work with us to offer suggestions, host programs, and engage with our students as they endeavor to better themselves holistically during their time at Tompkins Cortland Community College.

Our current badge options include:

  • Campus Involvement
  • Career Preparation
  • Club Officer
  • Commitment to Inclusivity
  • Early Bird
  • Highly Involved
  • Leadership Learner
  • Let’s Get Physical
  • Work Experience
Co-Curricular Transcript badges

Example of badges on the Co-Curricular Transcript


  • Login to your MyTC3
  • Select ‘Campus Groups’ on the left-hand side
  • Select ‘My Involvement’ on the left-hand side, followed by ‘My CCT’
  • From there you can edit your Co-Curricular Transcript and print it by selecting the ‘Print Transcript’ button at the top