Office of Mental Health Services

Discussing Concerns

Counseling is a confidential relationship with a person who is professionally trained to help you discuss your concerns. The counseling staff assists students with a wide range of personal, academic, and career issues. In addition to individual counseling, support groups and educational programs are provided, including the Social Issues Film Series.

To make an appointment with a counselor, stop by our office in room 230 or call 607.844.6577. If you feel more comfortable speaking with a man or with a woman, ask for someone of that gender. If you know one of the counselors and would like to speak with him or her, ask for that person. Otherwise, an appointment will be made with the counselor who is available at the time you want to come.

Hesitant to talk?

Some people hesitate to talk to a counselor.

Do you think that you should work your problems out by yourself? The most effective people get assistance when they need it.

Do you worry about what someone will think or whether someone else will hear? Counseling is non-judgmental and strictly confidential.

Are you concerned that you don't have the right words to discuss whatever is bothering you? You don't need the right words to come talk to us.

Counseling Resources

The College offers a number of resources for students suffering from different challenges across all populations.