Room Rates

Room rates vary by building. The majority of apartments house 4 people with each person having their own private bedroom. The apartments in Cascadilla and Seneca halls house 2 people. Staying over breaks is possible for an additional fee. The 12-meal plan is required with housing. Other expenses related to attending college are listed on the Estimated Cost page.

Residence Hall


2019-20 Room Rates with Housing Discount

$3,700/semester for all residence halls

To qualify for the $500-per-semester discount, you must submit a housing contract and deposit by July, 1 2019.

2019-20 Room Rates after July 1 

$4,200/semester for all residence halls

Meal Plan

Students living in the residence halls are required to purchase, at minimum, a meal plan for 12 meals/week plan. Plans for 14 or 16 meals per week are also available.

Life at Tompkins Cortland

Each four-bedroom apartment features:

  • Private Bedroom
  • Full Kitchen
  • Wireless Internet
  • Living Room
  • Cable TV
  • Bathroom
  • Utilities

Housing Floor Plan