Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is an evidence-based strategy to reduce alcohol and drug use and promote student success. 

What is SBIRT?

SBIRT provides students an opportunity to address substance use risks before experiencing additional health, academic, and other consequences. Each part of the SBIRT process delivers personalized information and assistance tailored to students' unique needs.

Screening (S) is a simple method of identifying students' substance use risks via SUSI, an interactive, animated web-based questionnaire. Screening takes approximately five minutes to complete.

A Brief Intervention (BI) is a non-judgmental feedback session provided to students following their screening by a SBIRT Team staff member.

A Referral to Treatment (RT) offers additional services and support to students whose substance use may pose serious risks. RT fosters further examination of students' substance use and facilities connections to campus and community partners. 

Is SBIRT Confidential?

SBIRT information is confidential and shared only with the SBIRT Team for the purposes of carrying out the intervention. No SBIRT information is disclosed to anyone outside the SBIRT Team, including college staff or students' families, without the students' written consent.

SBIRT is supported by an NYS OASAS Environmental Prevention Grant and managed by the Tompkins Cortland Community College Substance Use Prevention and Recovery Council.

For more information, contact: Sara Watrous, AOD Prevention Coordinator, or x4539