Human Subject Guidelines

Tompkins Cortland Community College Guidelines for Research Involving Human Subjects

Before conducting any research or surveys involving Tompkins Cortland Community College students, faculty, or staff, contact the IR Department, for approval. Below are the ethical guidelines for human subject research that was approved by the College Forum in 1999 and passed by the College's Board of Trustees in 2000.

The primary responsibility for protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects rests with each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in research. Research shall be defined to include any surveying, questioning, testing or other involvement of another person to obtain information for use by a student, faculty or other staff member, or any external person.

All projects proposing to recruit student participants must make clear the voluntary nature of their participation. Under the SUNY Board of Trustees policy, students may not be required, as a course requirement, to participate as subjects in any research project or in the pilot-testing of any research instruments.

All student researchers must have a Tompkins Cortland faculty or staff supervisors who has accepted responsibility for monitoring the project. Supervisors are responsible to provide information to students regarding ethical principles involved in using human subjects for research, including, but not limited to, privacy and confidentiality of response data.

A request made to any member of the College community by an external researcher for the use of College records or student or staff subjects shall be forwarded to the Office of Institutional Research for approval.

If subjects are to be drawn from an external population, written notice of the project shall be given to the Associate Dean of Academic Planning and Research prior to the collection of any data.

If subjects are minors or drawn from another institution or organization which has responsibility for the subjects, appropriate consents must be secured in addition to the approval of the Director of Institutional Research.

Written notice of any project that will involve intervention with or manipulation of a human subject’s physical or mental state must be provided to the Dean of Academic Affairs at an early stage in planning (i.e., prior to the collection of any data) to allow determination of need for compliance with federal or state statutes or regulations related to non-exempt "human subject research."