Fall 2021

Old School Fall 2021

We’re back. You're back. Welcome back. 

We’re going old school this fall, scheduling as many in-person classes as we can manage, opening up athletics to spectators and full schedules, welcoming students back to the dorms, and just generally running around like it’s 2019 all over again. But this time we’ll have that wild look in our eyes because wow, WE MISSED YOU. For real. 

Things will be as back to normal as we can get them, with a few improvements we decided to keep from Year Whose Name We Shall Not Speak. The fantastic schedule flexibility we created with hybrid online courses remains, as do changes to our Health and Wellness Services and other student support services. We’ve always been known for the real-life, community-based, family-feel support we provide to our students, and this year we’ve gotten even better at using technology to enhance those services. 


More in-person classes. More students on campus. More chances to learn from professors face to face. We’ve always been a leader in SUNY online offerings, and we’ll be keeping the new, innovative hybrid classes that combine the in-person experience with the flexibility of online courses. You make a schedule that works for you. 

Support Services

We expanded services in our Health and Wellness area, made counseling easier to schedule and more flexible with virtual appointments, and continue to operate our Panther Food Pantry, as well as a dedicated on-campus Recovery Space. In addition, we offer robust, free tutoring services for all students in all subject areas at all times of the day. There really is a TC3 difference when you’re on campus. We are a real community, and we can’t wait to welcome you back. 


Panther Nation will be back at it this fall – playing full schedules in the traditional semesters for each sport. We offer women’s basketball, cross country, golf, volleyball, softball, and soccer; and men’s baseball, basketball, lacrosse, cross country, golf, and soccer. And we have a history of success on the field and in the classroom. 

Campus Life

Tired of calling online “activities” activities when you know it’s still just a video that happens to be happening right now, and nothing can replace real, live human interaction even if 67% of that interaction involves watching people watch their phones? Have we got a semester for you. It’s Fall 2021, and campus will be finally, wonderfully, truly be alive again. Our Residence Halls will be back to capacity and full of life. We’ll still be safe. We’ll still be smart. But we will be in person. That means students wandering the halls, comedians wandering the stage in the student center, dinners with friends, cross-legged sit-downs in the grass outside the campus building, treks to the pond, little kids from the childcare center roaming in giggling packs, and more. Life, as it should be.