Ways to Give


Childcare Center


There are number of ways donors can support the Foundation and, in turn, support student success as well as the health and vibrancy of our communities.

Supporting College Funds

The most direct way to support the College's mission is to donate to specific College fund initiatives or to donate unrestricted funds that may be used as needed.

Childcare initiative

Childcare Rear Playground

The College is seeking to construct a new stand-alone childcare center on campus in order to expand access to affordable child care and support the academic mission of the College more completely.

The proposed center, which would be located near the pond just west of the College's main entrance, would double the center's capacity and also allow for infant care, which is sorely needed in our area. This initiative would address a significant shortage of available and affordable daycare for the surrounding community and for the College's students (who receive priority in admissions). Tuition is based on a sliding, income-based scale in order to guarantee affordability.

The new center would also expand and improve opportunities for students in our Early Childhood Education and Human Services programs, providing internships and high-quality field experience opportunities.

The President's Fund

Donations to the President's Fund are used to support a variety of initiatives (including future initiatives) that strengthen the academic programs at the College.

Greatest Need/Unrestricted

Unrestricted funds are used to support a variety of initiatives and operational needs at the College. These have included professional development to enhance program quality, technology needs, and more in past years.

Planned Giving: Create Your Legacy and Invest in Tompkins Cortland's Future

Gift planning offers opportunities for alumni, friends of the College, faculty and staff to make a gift to the College while at the same time achieving personal financial goals. Careful gift and estate planning allows you to make certain you have provided for your heirs while at the same time enabling you to continue your generous support of the College. 

Your planned gift could fund a scholarship, new technology, the Tompkins Cortland fund, or a program at the College that has a special meaning to you. Whatever form your planned gift takes, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have invested in the success of future generations of Tompkins Cortland students.  

The Shaw Legacy Society, named in honor of Richard R. Shaw, recognizes and honors the commitment of a special group of donors who have generously provided for the College in their estate plan or have established a permanently endowed scholarship. Through their foresight and leadership they have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring continued academic excellence at the College. Members of the Shaw Society invite you to join them in making a difference in the lives of Tompkins Cortland students. 


Scholarships can be established with established criteria and all funds going directly students.