Global Connections Partners

Supporting our international partners is our priority in the Global Initiatives Office.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to support the current and future needs of your students on their journey to Tompkins Cortland.

Administering the Accuplacer Exam

The first step in connecting your students to our academic system is having them take the ACCUPLACER test. The Accuplacer exam is required of all Tompkins Cortland students in order to ensure proper course placement.

Student information spreadsheet

The SIS is a requirement for our international partners coordinators to provide us with information about each partner student who wants take the Accuplacer test.

Steps on how to fill out the SIS (Student Information Spreadsheet) and proctor the Accuplacer exam are below. Please contact if you have any questions about the SIS or Accuplacer.

Frequently used forms

Our global partners need to be familiar with a number of forms in order to property register and assist their students.


Each institution has a different process when requesting official (stamped by the registrar or institutional official) transcripts to then send by physical mail to Tompkins Cortland. We are only able to review official transcripts for transfer credit for students.

Please send official transcripts two to three months before a student intends on attending.

Note: Summer Global Connection (SGC) students have very little time between when their spring semesters end and summer begins. Please send an unofficial transcript in order for us to process their conditional admissions and send their official transcripts before they arrive to Tompkins Cortland, whenever possible.

Frequently asked questions

How do I help a student choose a program?

The program the student is enrolled in at your home institution will typically guide the student’s choice of program at Tompkins Cortland. At times students will be willing to take additional courses online between summers in order to get a degree that is very different from the one they are completing at your institution.

Questions to ask to help a student choose a program
Which programs look interesting to you?
What about each of the programs makes you want one or the other (usually it is a specific class or two)?
What is your dream job after you complete both programs?

How do I get a student English tested (and by when)?

The ACCUPLACER exam should be completed at least two to three months before a student intends on coming, and it is suggested no more than six months before in order to receive an accurate placement for course enrollment. We do not accept placement exams that are more than a year old.

How do I find information about specific classes for articulations?

The catalog includes detailed descriptions of every course offered at the College.

How do I find out information about ESL professional development at Tompkins Cortland?

The College’s Summer Intensive English Institute is a short-duration program for adult professionals. The program offers a chance for targeted language learning, professional development, and cultural awareness that will help participants navigate more confidently the increasingly English-dominant world of academics and nearly any other profession.