Travel to Dryden

Travel to Dryden, NY, USA

Important Travel Documents

Make sure to have the following documents easily accessible while traveling (in your carry-on, not packed in your checked luggage).

Valid passport:

Do not travel with a passport that is going to expire in the next 6 months or the border patrol may not allow you to enter the U.S.

Visa documents:

F1 (I-20), J1 (DS2019) You can enter 30 days before the start date of your program, and leave 60 days  (F1 students) or 30 days (J-1 students/scholars) after program completion.

Visa Travel Stamp:

This is the sticker in your passport after being approved at your local U.S. consulate office for your program. Make sure you show this when entering the country with your visa document (above) in order to ensure you enter under the correct visa status. If you do not enter under the correct status, you may be required to leave and re-enter with the correct status in order to study in the U.S.

Tompkins Cortland Acceptance/Welcome Letter:

Always keep all the College's related documentation of your acceptance, course registration, and program details together if you are questioned for them at airport customs.

Travel Information/Emergency Phone Numbers:

Have all your important phone numbers and travel information accessible for any questions or to update the Global Initiatives office if something goes wrong with your travel plans.

Directions and travel considerations

Tompkins Cortland’s transportation page includes numerous resources to help you arrive on campus.