Tuition and Payment

There are many things that may be included in your bill, from tuition, fees, insurance and residence life costs, etc.

Estimated Cost of Attendance per 9 month Academic Year (Summer Not Included)

Tuition-with Be One of Us Scholarship $5,100
Non-Resident/International Fee (For students receiving the Be One of US Scholarship $1,000
Tuition-without Be One of US Scholarship (Living off Campus). $10,500
Other Fees $1,290
Book Supplies $1,200
Room (on Campus, reduced rate if reserved by set deadline). $7,400
Room (On campus, reservation deadline not met). $8,400
Meals (Campus meal plan-required if living on campus OR off-campus meals)). $2,900
Required Health Insurance. $1,500
Living on Campus, with Be One of US Scholarship, housing deadline met:). $20,390
Living off Campus, no Be One of US Scholarship. $24,790


Scholarships for international students

While most of Tompkins Cortland scholarships are for continuing students, incoming international students can visit Education USA to explore scholarship options by country or region or origin. 

Current Students

Included in Your Bill

If you are an international student (under a specific visa status in the United States), and are physically taking classes at the College (completely online students are excluded from this), you will have international health insurance on your bill. You will see a charge and then a refund of $25 of accident insurance since your international health insurance covers this, so you will not be charged double coverage.

Staying in the residence halls

If you are an international student living in the residence halls, you will automatically be charged for “break housing” to cover the various college vacation break times that you will need to stay in the halls. Many other domestic students, like athletes, also are charged this fee, and if you will not be staying the mid-term or staying late and will need NO additional time in the residence halls when they are normally closed, you need to ask for a waiver of this break housing from the housing office in C building (Tioga Hall) in the first floor main office. They will then process the change to your bill.

How to Pay your Bill

You can pay directly online through your myTC3 account, under your myINFO tab. If you are having issues with logging in, please contact our Technology and Learning Support team ( You will see “Finances” on the top tab column, and then “Make a Payment.” We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover, NO American Express please. 

Wire transfer

You can pay by wire transfer, yet make sure you include wire transfer fee costs, and that your name and student ID number is in the notes column of the transfer or we will have no way of knowing the money that comes in is associated with your account.

Questions about your bill

If you have questions or concerns about your bill, we look forward to helping you in our Enrollment Services Office, room 101, if you are on-campus. Or, you can email questions directly to Please make sure to include your name and student ID number so you can be helped you as quickly as possible.

Online payment

We have an online payment system that you can sign up for to make automatic payments this summer. For the main information go to the page about FACTS payment plan system