The CTC is located in the Baker Commons, on the second floor, just off the grand staircase. 




We provide a comfortable space where you can work quietly or meet other teachers for lunch or a cup of tea. A microwave, an electric tea kettle, and couches and easy chairs are here for your use.


You are always welcome to use the CTC, even if there is a meeting in progress. Any group that schedules a meeting is informed that individual teachers may come in to use the room during the meeting. If the door is closed, that is only to keep noise out. You are always welcome to drop in.




We have four computers, including:


  • Windows Paint, for manipulating and printing graphics.
  • A web cam, with a microphone, which can be used with Skype.
  • Premier Tools for enhanced accessibility. Premier converts text to speech, and provides a host of other helpful tools to support reading comprehension. You may have students who use it as an adaptation for specific learning disabilities. Learn more about it at www.premierathome.com.
  • Two printers - one color and one black and white.


Please contact Campus Technology if you would like help using any of this equipment.




These publications are available in the CTC:



The current issue is for reading in the CTC. Back issues are up for grabs.


You will also find many other titles that other teachers have brought in to recycle. Help yourself, and feel free to leave any education magazines or journals others might find helpful.