Library - Spring 2020

In response to COVID-19, in keeping with College policy and with everyone's safety and well-being in mind, the Library is currently closed.  Just as classes are moving online, so are Library services.  We are happy to provide all the help and support to our students and teachers that we can.  Please ask.


what we can do

what we can't do

  • Accept returned books or movies.
    • Thank you for being conscientious, but we'll extend your due dates. Returns will have to wait until we're open again.
  • Provide paper copies of books or physical copies of DVDs.

  • Borrow paper copies of books or physical copies of DVDs from other libraries.

  • Provide study space.

  • Lend calculators
    • Your math teacher may have recommendations for an app to put on your phone.
  • Predict how long this will last! We will open as soon as we can.