Printing, Copying, Scanning

Students pay for printing and photocopying with a special account. Students start each semester with credit back from the Technology Fee. Full-time students have $14.40 and part-time students receive $1.20 per credit hour.

Any of this credit that is not used during the semester will be wiped out after finals.

Add more money to this account either in the Card Office (in Room 101) or on the TC3 Card page.

To print in the Library, log in with your myTC3 account.

  • Black and white printing costs 10 cents per single-sided page or 14 cents for double-sided
  • Color printing is single-sided, only, and costs 60 cents per page

To photocopy in the Library, you must have your TC3 ID card. Copying is black-and-white, only, and costs 12 cents per side, no matter what size paper you use.

A scanner is also available. You can create an electronic file and save it or send it at no charge. Ask for help at the Service Desk.

Copy Center

Students can also use their printing and photocopying account at the Copy Center (Room 240).  To make color copies, go to the Copy Center.