Research Instruction & Information Literacy

Librarians Can Help:

Review your assignments ahead of time

  • If you have a reading list for students to pick from, we’ll get the materials before they’re needed.
  • If you have a list of topics for students to choose from, we’ll review the library resources available on those topics and make sure we’re ready.
  • If we see ways that the assignment lends itself to plagiarism we’ll point them out and suggest alternatives.
  • If we see where group or online instruction in search strategies or evaluation of information could help your students, we’ll offer to create it. This could be as simple as letting students know about a specialized database.
  • If we see an opportunity for your students to learn more about finding, evaluating and using information sources, we’ll mention it.

Create resource guides

  • We can create a guide for any class, teacher or department.
  • Guides can include library books, embedded searches for books or articles, recommended web sites, and embedded videos.
  • We can include documents, such as your assignment. This is especially helpful if you don’t use Blackboard

Teach your students to evaluate information

  • Students tend to be fairly good navigators but they often don’t understand what they’re looking at in a search result. We can teach them strategies for understanding the context of an information source.

Teach your students to do better web searching

  • There are thousands of high-quality journals published on the web for free. We can show your students how to find them.
  • We can point your students to relevant statistics, government documents, professional associations, and foundation-funded research.

Making Appointments

  • If you have a trip to the library on your syllabus, let us know by filling out a Question form. Include your course number, section number, and preferred date and time. We’ll get back to you, usually within a few hours.
  • When making an appointment it's a huge help to us if you attach the assignment the class is working on.
  • If you need a computer classroom for activities not related to student research (administering a test, student evaluations, etc.) we will do our best to accommodate you. Campus computer labs can also be requested using the Room Reservation Form.

Library Liaisons

  • Academic Writing (ENGL098, 100, 101); Education & Social Sciences
    Eric Jenes
    (607) 844-8222, ext. 4395
  • Business & Hospitality; Communications & Creative Arts
    Susanna Van Sant
    (607) 844-8222, ext. 4406
  • Health, Human Services, and Recreation; STEM
    Karla Block
    (607) 844-8222, ext. 4355