Teaching Initiatives

The Writing to Learn Program

Don’t confuse Writing to Learn with learning to write. Writing to Learn is a series of classroom techniques that teachers can use to support student learning in any content area. Students are given various low-stakes reading and writing exercises to do in class as an entry point into discussing a text or a concept. Many teachers who have adopted these techniques report some pretty powerful results.

Writing to Learn came to Tompkins Cortland in 2013, after Darlene Gold and Jeanne Cameron had been to Bard for week-long intensive classes. Some of the activities we have held so far:

  • About a dozen of our full-time faculty participated in six days of training last year (spread throughout the year).
  • We held a 4-evening program for a group of adjunct faculty, in Spring 2014.
  • There is also a monthly get-together for those using Writing to Learn techniques in their classrooms.
  • Jeanne has offered half-day workshops at College Days for those interested in getting just a taste. Watch for more. This is a good chance to see if Writing to Learn is something you want to explore more deeply as a potential classroom tool