Alumni Showcase - Ben Kalweit

Ben Kalweit

Ben Kalweit is an Auburn, N.Y., native and December 2008 graduate of the Sport Management program. Ben chose Tompkins Cortland for its proximity to home and also for its residential campus. Living on campus, he got his first taste of independence while staying close to home and playing golf for a season while also pursuing his main passion: soccer. After graduating from Tompkins Cortland with honors, Ben transferred to neighboring SUNY Cortland to complete a B.A. in Management. He is now a Retail Marketing Coordinator for Titleist, the iconic American golf brand based in Fairhaven, Mass. In his spare time, Ben continues to apply his passion for sports and peak physical performance - completing his first 100-mile ultra-marathon in 2019 where his 23hr, 4 min time won him a 9th place overall finish.

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