College Expands Offerings at Extension Centers

In response to community needs, Tompkins Cortland Community College is expanding its offerings at the extension centers in Cortland and Ithaca. Th changes include making all the first-year requirements of select degree programs available without taking any classes on the Dryden campus. Starting this fall, students at the Cortland Extension Center will be able to take all the classes needed to complete their first year in accounting or human services. The first year of a liberal arts and sciences-general studies degree will be available entirely at the Ithaca Extension Center. 

The extension centers will also offer courses that can fulfill many of the prerequisites needed for other degrees, including the popular nursing program. In addition, the College is expanding the hours each center will be open, providing more opportunities in particular for adult students who may not be able to fit a traditional school schedule into their busy lives. 

The change in how the College is utilizing the extension centers is partly in response to a recent survey of the community, which showed a need for more flexibility in education, particularly for in-demand careers like accounting and human services. 

The option of completing degrees at the extension centers complements the existing opportunities available through online classes. More than half of all the degree and certificate programs available at the College offer at least half of their classes online, including nine degrees and six certificates that can be completed entirely online.