2020 CSA Newsletter #6

Well, things were much more amenable weather-wise last week and that allowed us to be much more productive. But let me tell you, it’s a tale of two farms. I know I’ve said it before but the crops growing in the tunnels are thriving. Everything that needs to be is trellised. We’re keeping up with the appropriate pruning. And lots of fruit are starting to form. We planted the cherry tomatoes 5 weeks ago and we are starting to see some ripening on the lower clusters. I’m doing my best to keep my 18 month from eating some of the early fruit but that house is his happy place and he LOVES tomatoes! At least one of my kids seems to be into veggies.

Now the field crops, on the other hand, are struggling with the lack of rain. The plus side is that disease pressure is pretty much non-existent. The potatoes are doing really well and we’ve seen very few Colorado Potato Beetle larvae that can do significant damage to the plants. The summer squash is coming along nicely and I’m hopeful we’ll have enough next week. We’re still planting out there and we’ll have one more push before the Summer Internship is over to get the last of the fall crops planted.

This week, our good friends over at Main Street Farms are helping us out with some veggies to help fill out the share. The basil is really cranking right now, so it’s prime time for pesto. With tomatoes coming on soon, it’s going to be a good time before September starts and whatever that’s going to bring. My wife loves making slaw and adding kohlrabi to it is pretty amazing. It adds just the right amount of crunch. Now, she’s not one to follow a recipe, but this is pretty close to what she does.

Have a great week!