CSA Newsletter #15

Howdy folks! We are on the precipice of fall and I've got to admit, I'm really starting to feel it. The cool nights are here, which makes for that good sleeping weather. I love to look out to the hills and see the ever so gradual start to the changing colors of the leaves. To top it off, my family even went pumpkin picking over the weekend. Although, I didn't share my 3 year-old's enthusiasm to start carving them. I like to ease into the fall season. It's bad enough that Halloween candy has been displayed in the stores for a month already!

The trellising of the cucumbers in the hoophouse almost got completed last week. I wasn't expecting it to take as long but since the plants are vining on the ground between cabbage plants, a little more care needs to be taken. Two-thirds of the plants are up and the weekly growth has been impressive. The wheels are starting to turn in my head about bringing them into the high tunnel rotation next season. I also had my first visit from a TC3 class this semester last week. My colleagues (and CSA members) Kelly and Kerry brought their Learning Community to the farm for a brief tour/talk about the TC3 Farm and how we approach sustainability through various lenses. Having the opportunity to be incorporated into the classes of my colleagues is one of the biggest things that I missed most during the height of COVID and online learning. First of all, it's a great way to connect myself to students and campus that I won't normally connect with. I also appreciate being able to give students a connection to the work they are doing in a tangible way. I'm looking forward to my next visitors later this week!

Tomatoes continue to be the highlight of the CSA choice this week. I think we topped the heirlooms just at the right time, as they continue to ripen at a steady rate, albeit a bit slower. The beefsteaks are rocking still and there seemed to be a slight uptick in the roma production this week. The flush of cherry tomatoes we had last week may have been the peak but there are still quite a bit in this week's share. The shishitos, okra, basil and even the hot peppers have begun to slow down but are still here. Chard is returning this week and there is another new greens mix. This mix is more mustard heavy than last week's and is packed with wonderful tender flavor. Finally, there will be a new choice. Fennel and a small amount of eggplant will be available. Like our peppers, much of our eggplant was eaten but most of what we replanted survived. It's all just at various stages of growth so I don't think that we will ever have too much at once.

Have a great week!

-Farmer Todd