Customized Training

Biz makes workplace training easy by offering

  •    Training-needs assessment
  •    In-depth program consulting
  •    Customized training programs to meet your objectives
  •    Face-to-face, online, or blended-learning solutions
  •    Post-training and evaluations

Onsite consultation at your convenience. Programs can be held at your convenience, at your location or one of ours.

Call us today at 607.844.6586 to discuss your training needs, and we will get to work for you.

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Communications Training Icon


Master this essential skill

Communication helps to build trust and alleviate anxiety during times of change. It also helps your workplace function with efficiency and purpose at all times.
Is your team communicating effectively about projects and goals? Are personal interactions affected by poor communication skills? Is the team equally effective in small groups, one-on-one, or in front of an audience?
Let us customize a program for your employees to learn or refine their communication skills.


Leadership Training Icon


Develop the "whole" leader

Conventional models of leadership don’t work in the present-day workplace – modern, complete leaders get the most of everyone’s talents while setting and achieving organizational goals.
BIZ understands the need to develop leaders at all levels of your organization.
We develop the “whole leader,” ready to meet unique challenges ahead of your organization – and we do it on your schedule and your budget.


Smart Work Training Icon

Smart Work 

Get Lean!

Increase efficiency and effectiveness while lowering your costs and doing a better job servicing customers, clients, and stakeholders.
BIZ has pioneered Smart Work initiatives that streamline processes by taking a hard look at what you do and how you do it.
Work with our staff to make waste vanish.
Organizations that have used BIZ Smart Work programs report lower costs and higher productivity.


Customer Service Training Icon

Customer Service 

Skills for peak customer service

Customer service is in demand – and often the only differentiator between you and the competition. Sometimes employees need development to serve clients confidently and effectively. From learning how to handle customer service situations with the skill of a bomb squad to completely customized solutions with your case scenarios built into program content, we are here for you.


Computer Technology Traning Icon

Computer Technology 

Make the most of your resources

Having the right tools for the job doesn’t guarantee success – to get the best return on investment, your staff needs the skills and knowledge to meet your organization’s goals.
BIZ employs expert instructors to make sure your team can get the most out of your technology.
We also have well-equipped computer labs for training at our three locations – or we can come to you.
Customized classes can address your very specific needs. We can even incorporate your data, reports, or forms to ensure program relevance.


Manufacturing Traning Icon


Upgrade essential skills

Do your employees have the capabilities they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively? Do they have the most current knowledge and skills to keep your organization ahead of the competition?
It isn’t easy to upgrade skills while you are managing daily deadlines and project milestones. BIZ can work with your schedule to customize training for your needs, whether on a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift.
From technical skills to leadership know-how, BIZ can make sure your organization is a well-oiled machine.


Teambuilding Trainig Icon


Conquer challenges together

Teams need roles, objectives, and measures of success communicated clearly to function. Investing in a team that functions well just makes sense.
Even great teams face challenges and change, and BIZ is here to help you build efficient, strong teams and manage those challenges. Develop skills in project management, decision making, effective communication, and meeting management or focus on rebuilding, revising, or re-energizing your team.


State Licensing Traning Icon

State Licensing

Fulfilling your job requirements

Ensuring you are meeting state requirements is critical to your long term success. We are an approved provider of DASA, Social Workers Continuing Education programming, SAVE and more. Call us today and we can put a package together to help you meet this need with cost effective, convenient solutions.