Alex Chernyakov

  • Alex Chernyakov
    Assistant Professor, Electrical Engingeering

    A.S., Tompkins Cortland Community College

    B.S., Rochester Instititute of Technology

    M.S., Rochester Instititute of Technology

Alex Chernyakov is a graduate of Tompkins Cortland Community College (A.S. Engineering Sciences ’03) and Rochester Institute of Technology (B.S., M.S. Electrical Engineering, ’07). Over the course of her 17-year professional career, Alex worked on various consumer and industrial applications, designing hardware and firmware for products such as digital image barcode scanners, variable frequency motor drives, and laser diode wafer testers. Alex has also worked in the MEMS industry as an Application Engineer where she supported global customers with integration of MEMS accelerometers in a variety of applications in consumer, industrial, and automotive markets. In July 2023, Alex returned to her alma mater as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering to pursue her passion of teaching with the goal of attracting a more diverse population into the field of Electrical Engineering, including women, people of colors, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Outside of work, Alex enjoys running, biking, and spending time with her family.

To see some of the work Alex does with her students in electrical engineering classes, check out her personal blog on Instagram @EE_at_TC3