Amanda Bisson

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    Associate Professor, Culinary Arts

    B.S., University of Vermont

    Ph.D., University of Florida

Chef Amanda Bisson joined TC3 in 2017 as an educator in both culinary arts and sustainable farming. With over 10 years’ experience in both industries, she offers a wealth of knowledge to students in the Farm to Bistro learning community.  

In collaboration with the TC3 Farm manager and the Farm to Bistro team, Amanda works to developed curriculum and opportunities that foster cooperation between students in all four programs. Chef Bisson strongly believes in partnerships between chefs and farmers and their capacity to impact community food systems. “Culinary Arts is not just a career; it is a language, a science, an art, and comes with social responsibility to our community” she says. 

Amanda earned a Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Sciences from the University of Vermont, and a Doctorate of Plant Medicine from the University of Florida. In the agricultural sector she specializes in integrated pest and disease management. 
After graduate school Amanda studied professional cooking at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. Prior to moving to Ithaca from Gainesville FL in 2016, she worked as an executive chef in restaurants committed to local sourcing and sustainable practices. She was an active farm to table educator in the Gainesville community where she regularly led farm to table dinners, participated in natural food galas, served as a panelist for farm to restaurant conferences, and managed a non-profit incubator kitchen for food entrepreneurs. In 2014, she co-founded Fables Catering & Such LLC, a company specializing in local sustainable menus.

Amanda currently lives in Ithaca with her spouse and daughter. During her downtime, she enjoys gardening, waterfront parks, and local u-pick farms.