Faculty Liaisons

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Purpose of Faculty Liaison Program

  • To monitor quality, consistency, and curricular alignment of concurrent enrollment classes that are awarding college credits.
  • To improve overall communication and encourage dialogue between Tompkins Cortland faculty and high school concurrent enrollment faculty to benefit teaching and learning.

Faculty Liaison Responsibilities

  • Review applicant credentials to assure that instructor meets the adjunct requirements for the course(s).
  • Review concurrent enrollment course outlines for CE instructors to ensure curricular alignment.
  • Orient newly approved high school concurrent enrollment instructors to the course expectations.
  • Conduct site visits. (Review Site Visit Guidelines for suggestions on conducting site visits. A Site Visit Report Form must be completed for each visit. Mileage to schools may be claimed.)
  • Review examples of course materials and student work from concurrent enrollment courses to assess alignment in assessment and grading.
  • Facilitate/provide professional development for continuing high school concurrent enrollment instructors.
  • Coordinate with CollegeNow and Campus Technology to develop and maintain online discipline-specific groups in Brightspace.
  • Communicate as needed with concurrent enrollment instructors.

Professional Development Guidelines

CollegeNow organizes a conference each August during the week before campus courses begin. Liaisons are expected to offer professional development during this event or coordinate with CollegeNow on an alternative led by you, a TC3 colleague, or another institution. For example, instructors may be invited to attend any professional development you recommend from the College Teaching Center, CCCAT Conference, Cornell, etc. If research is a component of the course, consider having your instructors meet with our College librarians. 

Liaisons are welcome to use our video conferencing platform with instructors. 

In some cases, professional development may be done during site visits (something significantly more than a reflection of the class observation) or involve instructors visiting campus to observe classes.

Discipline Groups Within Brightspace

Campus Technology has created groups within Brightspace for each discipline. All CollegeNow instructors are added to the group(s) for their discipline upon approval. You are expected to add materials to these groups that support instructors in teaching their TC3 classes. These groups:

  • provide an environment for Faculty Liaisons to post orientation information, college resources, and course materials, for concurrent enrollment instructors;
  • promote sharing of resources among high school concurrent enrollment instructors who are teaching the same Tompkins Cortland approved courses;
  • allow instructors to review past professional development recordings and materials. 

At a minimum, each Brightspace group should contain master syllabi, example course outlines, text recommendations, and examples of assessment materials.


  • Academic departments select Faculty Liaisons and notify CollegeNow office. CollegeNow may issue an APO to help identify available liaisons. 
  • New Faculty Liaisons participate in an orientation with the CollegeNow office.
  • Faculty Liaisons begin communication with concurrent enrollment instructors, schedule site visits, submit site visit forms to CollegeNow office, etc.
  • CollegeNow office provides Faculty Liaisons with concurrent enrollment instructor contact information, forms, etc. each semester. 
  • Faculty Liaisons submit reports to CollegeNow each semester in order to track activities with concurrent enrollment instructors and receive compensation.