Professional Development

CollegeNow instructors are required to participate in professional development that supports their course(s) each year that they teach with CollegeNow.

CollegeNow Conference

August 21-25, 2023

CollegeNow Conference RECORDINGS and materials

All instructors must attend at least one session (including any related to your course/discipline) live or by viewing the recordings. Yellow marks sessions open to all disciplines. Descriptions (with targeted disciplines) follow. New instructors must attend Program Orientation in addition to any discipline-related sessions.

- Each title is hyperlinked to its recording; session materials in Google Drive are provided, as available.
- CollegeNow tracks all views of recordings in Zoom automatically (no need to email us or complete additional forms).
- If viewing the recording of the “Approaches to Literature” or “World Languages” session, please complete this form for tracking.

Attendance of at least one conference session, either live or by viewing the recording, meets the professional development for CollegeNow for the current year. 

Alternatives to the CollegeNow Conference

In addition to this August's conference, liaisons may organize other opportunities during the year or provide individual support. Over the school year, we will share information about additional sources of "approved professional development" (including an April conference that our college co-hosts, as well as offerings from SUNY and other colleges or organizations); when possible, these are recorded for later viewing and shared in the College's LMS (check with Rhonda if you are unsure how to access the LMS organization for your discipline). Check our PD alternatives webpage for information and the form for tracking your participation in these alternatives.

Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence Alternatives to CollegeNow Conference