Transferring your College Credit

Credits earned through Tompkins Cortland Community College, an institution of the State University of New York, are highly transferable to colleges and universities nationwide. All SUNY and CUNY schools, and, according to a survey of past CollegeNow students, 90 percent of colleges and universities accept Tompkins Cortland credits earned by high school students. View the transfer chart to see some of the colleges our former students have attended.

The following checklist is designed to assist you in transferring your Tompkins Cortland credits to your college.

  • Submit an Official Transcript Request to have your Tompkins Cortland transcript sent to your new college. Wait to order the transcript until after your final semester grades have been posted (late June for spring Concurrent Enrollment classes) to ensure that your college receives a complete transcript. See the Concurrent Enrollment Timeline for exact dates.
  • Follow up with your new college's Academic Records or Registrar's Office to confirm that your official transcript was received. Ask the office to also evaluate your college credits and apply them to your degree program.
  • If your credits were not applied to your degree program as you expected, you have the right to appeal the decision. If you are attending a SUNY college, you can obtain the contact information for your college's transfer representative on the SUNY transfer information site.
  • Collect the syllabi from your college-level courses. In the event you need to demonstrate the course level, subject matter, or objectives to earn credit or course exemption, you will have the documentation necessary to advocate for yourself. All Tompkins Cortland master course syllabi are posted in the College Catalog. Click on the hyperlinked discipline code for a printable version of the master course syllabus.
  • Bring a copy of your unofficial transcript to your freshman advising appointment. Your advisor may require a copy to enroll you in any upper-level courses. You can print an unofficial copy of your transcript from your myTC3 account. If you need assistance accessing your account, call Rhonda Kowalski at 607.844.8222, Ext. 4396.
  • Many SUNY schools share their course equivalency databases online. To find information about how your Tompkins Cortland credits may transfer, visit SUNY's Course Equivalency page.
  • The UCONN Early College Experience Credit Transfer Database houses credit transfer policies of colleges and universities throughout the United States. Visit the site to search for your schools of interest. Be sure to always follow up with the Admissions Offices to confirm that your concurrent enrollment credits will be accepted.

If you are having trouble transferring your college credits, email Please include: your full name, the name of the college you will be attending, the courses you are having trouble transferring, and the steps you have taken thus far to transfer the credits. We may be able to assist in helping you gain recognition for your college credits.