Panther Food Pantry

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On-campus support for students

Nearly half of our students struggle with food insecurity. We know that reducing food insecurity creates a direct link to success. 

The Panther Pantry is an on campus resource helping our students tackle their food insecurity and gain confidence in the classroom.
*Donation bins are located throughout campus and items may always be brought to the Pantry when it is open. Contributions are greatly appreciated. 

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The Panther Pantry, located in room 116 A across from the Health Center, provides no-cost food and other supplies for students.

  • COVID-19 safety expectations will limit the number of students in the Pantry, require masks, and other safety measures.
  • All Students are eligible.
  • Meats, dairy, produce, bread, cereal, soup, pasta, snacks, and other items are available.

I am very grateful that this is offered. It is a hard balance cutting back on work to go to school and further one's education. The food pantry definitely takes off some of the stress and it means a lot that as students we (and our families) are cared for on this level.  Student testimonial

Rules and Expectations

Students are Expected to:

  • Present their student ID.
  • Leave all non-Pantry food and drink outside the Pantry.
  • Close the refrigerator and freezer doors gently.
  • Pay it forward. Share a meal with friends, family, and someone new. 

Students May:

  • Receive 50 points of food per week. Students living with family or other non - students may receive an additional 15 points per week per person up to four (110 points)
  • Visit the Panther Pantry once per day.
  • Receive one frozen meat/protein selection per visit.
  • Receive one per type of refrigerated item, e.g. one butter, one milk.
  • Be patient, pleasant, and kind.

The Panther pantry has allowed me to continue to eat healthier, which has helped me physically and mentally. And this is reflected in my grades. Thank you! - Tompkins Cortland Community College Student 

Faculty and Staff

  • Receive a three-day allowance of food per week.
  • Visit Panther Pantry once per day.

Local online students and Faculty/Staff

  • Contactless pickup options are available for completely online students, faculty, and staff.
  • Please contact Nicholas Kent at for an order form or more information.