Geotechnical Lab Technician Credential

geotechnician student

The Geotechnical Lab Technician Credential provides students with an understanding of soil properties as those relate to engineering of foundations, strength of materials with emphasis on concrete and other construction materials, and technical writing.

The Geotechnical Lab Technician Credential at Tompkins Cortland requires completion of three courses.
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CONT 209 Soil Mechanics
3 credits

CONT 216 Materials Testing
2 credits

ENGL 103 Report Writing
3 credits

Soil Mechanics

This course is an overview of soil types, properties of soils, and their behavior under stress. Students learn soil classification and basic soil property tests, including field testing.  The standards for laboratory testing by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) are used in most soil testing processes.  Lab fee required.  This course fulfills the SUNY GEN ED Natural Science requirement and is a lab science course. Prerequisites: MATH 122; prior completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, ENGL 103.  3 cr. (2 Lec, 3 Lab).

Materials Testing

Laboratory testing procedures pertaining to a variety of construction materials are discussed, followed by performance of those tests.  Special attention is placed on concrete testing in accordance with procedures set by ASTM standards. Course content is presented through lecture, class discussion, and demonstrations. Students perform lab exercises either individually or in groups and prepare individual, complete, formal reports of each exercise to professional standards.  Lab fee required. Prerequisites: CONT 107; ENGL 103; prior completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, MATH 122 or MATH 138. 2 Cr. (1 Lec., 2 Lab.)

Report Writing

Report Writing incorporates discussion, analysis and design of the principal types of formal and informal reports including incident, field trip, investigation, evaluation, feasibility, instructions, and description. Students are introduced to the basics of report writing style. A review of fundamentals of grammar and usage needed for clear, concise reports, as well as the mechanics of writing are included. ENGL 103 fulfills the SUNY General Education Basic Communication requirement. Prerequisites: ENGL 100 with grade of C or better; prior completion or concurrent enrollment in MATH 090 and RDNG 099 if required by placement testing. 3 Cr. (3 Lec.)