Board of Directors

Connection to the Community – The Board and Committees

The Tompkins Cortland Community College Foundation, Inc. receives direction, input, and leadership from numerous dedicated community members who give their time, effort, and commitment to the various boards and committees required to lead The Foundation in its current, innovative fashion.

Board of Directors

David Bordwell, Alumni
Rich Cunningham, Cortland County
Leslie Danks Burke, Tompkins County 
Elizabeth Burns, Board of Trustees Liaison
Dale Davis, Alumni
Brian Fuller, Alumni
Robert Haight, Cortland County
Laurie Linn, Tompkins County
Thomas LiVigne, Tompkins County (Chair) 
John Mason, Cortland County (Past Chair)
James McFadden, Tioga County 
Orinthia Montague, President of the College
Machell Phelps, Cortland County 
E. Andrew Polley, Cortland County
Walter Priest, Cortland County
Stephen Romaine, Tompkins County (Vice Chair)
Janet Swinnich, Faculty Liaison
Jennifer Tegan, Tompkins County 
Thomas Vanderzee, Tompkins County
Lisa Whitaker, Tompkins County
Eugene Yarussi, Tompkins County (Secretary/Treasurer)

Director Emeritus

Harley Albro (deceased)
John E. Butler
Kenneth Cowan
Ronald Dougherty
Roland Fragnoli (deceased)
Stephen E. Garner (deceased) 
W. Sanford Gay 
Ralph Jordan
Donald Kompf, Jr.
Laurie Linn 
Fred Martin
Dennis Mastro (deceased)
Jean McPheeters
Debbie Nadolski 
Robert Sprole III
Sally True

Committees of the Board

Executive Committee

Tom LiVigne, Chairman 
Steve Romaine, Vice Chairman
Gene Yarussi, Secretary/Treasurer, Finance
Machell Phelps, Alumni
Andy Polley, Investment
John Mason, Past-Chairman/
  Property Management
Laurie Linn, Stewardship
Orinthia Montague, President of the College


Machell Phelps, Chair
David Bordwell
Brian Fuller
Janet Swinnich**
Nancy Massicci*
Martha Hubbard**
Deb Mohlenhoff**


Gene Yarussi, Chair, Secretary/Treasurer
Walt Priest
Tom Vanderzee 
Larry Baum*
Ron Denniston*


Andy Polley, Chair
Dale Davis
Bob Haight
Jim McFadden
Johanna Ames*
Susan Fleming*
Dave Iles*

Property Management

John Mason, Chair
Rich Cunningham
Bruno Schickel*


Laurie Linn, Chair
Leslie Danks Burke
Steve Romaine
Jennifer Tegan
Lisa Whitaker
Liam Murphy*
Bryan Chambala**

*community members
** College staff