Grade Challenge

Any student who wishes to challenge a course grade should do so within the following timeline:

  • for 10 or 15 week courses, within two weeks of the beginning of the following semester;
  • for all courses with a duration shorter than 10 weeks, within two weeks after the grade is posted in MyTC3.

Students should discuss the situation with their academic advisor and the course instructor. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached through discussion with the instructor, written request for grade change should be made to the appropriate department chairperson.

Grade challenges must be based on a violation, misunderstanding or arbitrary, capricious or inequitable application of a regulation, policy or process of the course outline or the College policies. The written request for grade change must be delivered by email or hard copy to the appropriate department chairperson.

The department chairperson shall conduct an independent investigation including interviewing both student and instructor and any witnesses deemed relevant and material to the issues raised. A written decision will be provided to both parties within two (2) weeks.

Either the student or instructor may appeal the decision to the Dean of Instruction within ten (10) days of receipt of the department chairperson’s decision. Appeal shall be in writing, setting forth the reasons the decision of the department chairperson should not be carried out and specifically setting forth the grounds for such appeal.

Requirements for the appeal can be found in General Information Related To All Grievance And Conduct Violation Procedures. The Dean of Instruction shall make a final adjudication and determination in the matter and notify both parties and the appropriate department chairperson of the final decision in writing within fourteen (14) days.