Grade Challenge

Students who wish to challenge a grade should do so within 30 calendar days after the final grade is posted in MyTC3. 

The granting of a grade appeal is fairly rare, but it can happen. The usual criteria is that a student would have to be able to document that an instructor failed to follow or misapplied their course outline policies or college policies in a way that was detrimental to your grade.

The first step is to contact the instructor and make sure that the posted grade is the correct one. Sometimes mistakes do happen in posting. If you believe your grade was still in error, then you need to ask the instructor for an exact breakdown of your grade. If you still think an error has taken place, and you have requested the change and the instructor has denied your request, then a grade appeal can take place.

To challenge a grade, students must use this form. The form explains the parameters for a grade challenge, the appropriate procedure, as well as the timeline for a response.