Mentors and Partners Program


The College Teaching Center sponsors three professional development programs:

New Faculty Mentorship

New Faculty Mentorships are the top priority for funding.

Who is eligible?

New Faculty Mentorships are for newly hired tenure-track faculty.  Each new hire will be matched with an experienced faculty member during their first or second semester.

New Teacher Mentorship

New Teacher Mentorships are the second priority for funding.

Who is eligible?

Adjuncts who are new to teaching may request a mentorship with a member of the full-time faculty or a more experienced adjunct. Adjuncts interested in participating should contact the CTC Coordinator or their Department Chair as early as possible in the semester.

Faculty Partnership

Faculty Partnerships will be funded each semester as our budget allows, after all New Faculty and New Teacher mentorships are provided for. 

Who is eligible?

Any two teachers at the College, tenure track or adjunct, may apply for a Partnership.