The Foundation’s ability to be a property holder allows the College to expand its offerings and services in a way that gives our students the flexibility they need to succeed. Extension centers in Ithaca and Cortland bring college classes right to the doorstep of students who may be working full time and raising families – providing convenience, access, and some relief from the cost of transportation.

Residence halls on campus allow us to offer a complete college experience, while other properties give us the opportunity to explore unique educational experiences, whether it be hands-on entomology in the campus pond or exploring the future of organic agriculture at the TC3 Farm.

The Foundation manages numerous properties in Ithaca, Cortland, and Dryden, with the goal of expanding opportunities for the College's students and the communities served by the College.

From extension centers in Cortland and Ithaca to the more than 800 residential beds on campus, the Foundation is a unique property holder with a unique mission.

Foundation properties

Additional Properties

The Foundation also owns several properties throughout the Dryden area as part of a its mission to support the College.

The Cisco Property (adjacent to the College) 71 picturesque acres that extend the main college campus were a gift from the Howell Foundation.

Marjorie Ross Wildlife Preserve located on Ringwood Road in Dryden.

Nine acres on Livermore Road in Dryden.

Twenty-six acres in Dryden.