Statement Against Injustice and Racism

June 1, 2020

Dear Tompkins Cortland Community,
Tompkins Cortland Community College acknowledges the hurt and pain that the black and brown community has endured in our country. The unjustifiable deadly force used to take the lives of Ahmaud Arbrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd hijacks the civil rights of everyone. We are sickened and appalled by the lack of value shown for black and brown individuals most recently in Georgia, Kentucky, and Minnesota. These deaths and ongoing abuse of power add to the deep pain felt by all the persons of color. We are conscious that this pain is only compounded by the disparate impact COVID-19 pandemic has had on black and brown persons in the U.S. 

Please know that Tompkins Cortland Community College stands with our black and brown students, faculty, and staff. We hope that all members of our campus community will invest in learning more about bias, bias actions, and the impacts of racism in our society. We must hold our colleagues, friends, neighbors, and community members accountable when acts of injustice and/or bias occur. As an institution of higher learning, we must look to address the actions and leadership that are required for positive change. 

Today, we pray for peace across this country; we stand in unity with the communities impacted daily, by fear, bias, racism, and discrimination. Change is needed. We understand that we have allies across our community. We will need to work together to realize progress. For these reasons, we ask that you commit to being brave agents for inclusive change. Ultimately, this work will allow for our campus community and home communities to be safe, equitable, and inclusive. 


Seth A. Thompson
Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. Orinthia T. Montague

Raymond Schlather 
Chair of the Board of Trustees