Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the College. The board is comprised of representatives of both Tompkins and Cortland Counties, appointed by either the respective county legislature or the governor. The board also includes a student trustee, elected by the student body.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to establish policies governing the College. The Board also approves the College budget and the appointment of all personnel.

Board Members

Trustee Roxann Buck

Roxann Buck
Tompkins County Appointee – 1990
Term Expires 2024

Trustee Elizabeth Burns

Elizabeth Burns
Executive Committee Member
Governor’s Appointee – 2008
Cortland County
Term Expires 2020

Trustee Judy Davison

Judy K. Davison
Vice Chair of the Board
Cortland County Appointee – 2007
Term Expires 2023

Trustee Arthur Kuckes

Arthur Kuckes
Tompkins County Appointee – 2013
Term Expires 2025

Matt McSherry

Matthew McSherry
Cortland County Appointee - 2012
Term Expires 2026

Trustee Schelley Michelle-Nunn

Schelley Michell-Nunn 
Tompkins County Appointee – 2018
Term Expires 2021

Trustee Raymond Schlather

Raymond Schlather
Chair of the Board
Governor’s Appointee – 2008
Tompkins County
Term Expires 2022

Trustee Bruce Tytler

Bruce Tytler
Governor’s Appointee – 2015
Cortland County
Term Expires 2022

Paige Innis
Student Trustee


Board of Trustees Chairs

Ronald Space - 1967 - 1977
Bert Morse - 1977 - 1983
Georgia MacNeil - 1983 - 1988
Robert Corey - 1988 - 1993
Jean McPheeters - 1993 - 1998
Richard VanDonsel - 1998 - 2003
Roxann Buck - 2003 - 2011
Elizabeth Burns - 2011 - 2017
Raymond Schlather - 2017 - Present

Trustee Emeritus

The Board of Trustees has conferred the designation of Trustee Emeritus on individuals who served with great distinction and in an outstanding manner as a member of the Board of Trustees. The designation is recommended by a Board of Trustees committee, the Chair of the Board, and/or the College President and is then approved by the entire Board of Trustees. The following is a list of those with the title Trustee Emeritus, along with their years of service on the board.

Beverly Baker (1997-2011)
Dr. Robert Eberly (1998-2007)
Holly Greer (1987-1997)
Georgia MacNeil (1974-1989)
Jean McPheeters (1984-2002)
William Raynor (1985-2011)
Genevieve Suits (1999-2008)
Manley Thaler (1967-1977)
William Tucker (1997-2008)
Richard Van Donsel (1989-2003)
Nicholas Wharton (1993-2003)