Disc Golf

Disc Golf Course Statement

Participant acknowledges and agrees that:

  • Participant knows how to engage in disc golf and is fully aware of the risks of participating in such activity on the premises
  • Participant has inspected the premises on and over which disc golf is to be played and that the participant finds that it is suitable for such use
  • Participant is aware that a public road crosses a part of the course over which disc golf is to be played and that he/she has been instructed and knows that (a) he/she must be cautious in crossing this roadway while engaging in the activity; (b) must cross the roadway only at designated cross-walks and after assuring that there is no oncoming traffic; (c) he/she should refrain from throwing or attempting to retrieve a disc unless it appears that there is no oncoming traffic which might affect their safety or that of any motorist
  • Participant in not paying any money or other consideration for the use of the premises or the opportunity to participate in disc golf on Tompkins Cortland Community College’s premises
  • Participant also acknowledges and agrees that Tompkins Cortland Community College has not extended any assurance that the premises are safe for Disc Golf nor has Tompkins Cortland Community College assumed any responsibility for or incurred and liability for the participants safety

To the maximum extent by law, participant, for himself/herself and his/her executor, representatives, heirs, distributes, and assigns, herby releases and holds harmless Tompkins Cortland Community College and his/its respective heirs, successors, representatives, employees and assigns from and with respect to any and all claims, actions, liability or causes of action for personal injury (including wrongful death) or property damage arising out of or relating to participation in disc golf on the premises, regarding of whether such injury or damage may have caused, or contributed to by any purported negligent act or omission to act by the participant or anyone acting on his/her behalf.